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Spiros Antonio spiros.antonio at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 16:26:30 CEST 2016


say one has in a csv in a per row basis, some $a values.

One has to lookup the csv, and for each value found there, check the whole
and report for each tag found, what are the occurrences found, so in order
to be able to see duplicates, all unique values. The important part is that
this array(?) that will be stored,
will have to take into account the whole tag, along with its indicators.

601  \\$a678676382683768$bmetadata$cotherdata
601  1\$a678676382683768$bmetadata$cotherdata, should be reported, as
different values since the indicator differs.
and this lookup, should be done in the whole mrc, not in a per record basis.

Something like return all unique values of each tag found in the mrc, that
has as $3 each value found in the csv file. How would you approach this
with an example script?

perhaps the inclusion of 001 would also be a good idea in the whole report.

001 ||| $3_value ||| tags_sorted_by_times_found

Thank you
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