[librecat-dev] MARC21 beginner question

Nicolas Franck Nicolas.Franck at UGent.be
Fri Feb 19 12:01:41 CET 2016

See real alephseq examples here:


There are several formats to serialize MARC21: XML, ALEPHSEQ (from exlibris) ..
See classes Catmandu::Importer::* on cpan

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Despite working in library IT since years I managed to avoid getting in
touch with MARC21 data - until now. Could you please help me with a
beginner question? How do I convert the "human readable representation"
of MARC to MARCXML? I use the example MARC records found at


I tried with all available importer of Catmandu-MARC but no luck. I
guess the human readable representation is not a real MARC variant but
how to I convert it to "real MARC" automatically?


P.S: Conversion should also work for leader-less records, e.g.

echo '100 1#$aSurname, Given' | catmandu convert MARC --type ???

{"_id":null, "record":[["LDR",null,null,"_","
"],["100","1"," ","a","Surname, Given",]]}

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