[librecat-dev] Dancer::Plugin

Nicolas Franck Nicolas.Franck at UGent.be
Thu May 26 09:19:18 CEST 2016

See attachted file as example.

What you need for it:

#install perl dependencies
cd lludss-oai
carton install
carton exec local/bin/plack bin/app.psgi

#solr data and configuration
- lludss-oai/solr/json contains the json records
- lludss-oai/solr/config contains the solr configuration files (sorry its for version 3.6 of solr)

This is a dump of a private repository, so I could not give you give access to it. Hopefully it works on your side ;-)

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Hi all,

what's the state of Dancer::Plugin::Catmandu::SRU and Dancer::Plugin::Catmandu::OAI? I've tried to used them, but couldn't get them running. I followed the OAI examples from our advent calendar and the ELAG Workshop 2015. Has anyone a working example (.yaml, .fix, .tt, .pl, data)?



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