[librecat-dev] layers feature and changes to config in LibreCat

Nicolas Steenlant Nicolas.Steenlant at UGent.be
Thu Sep 1 14:06:27 CEST 2016


LibreCat has a new layers feature that allows us to override configuration, template, static files and code.
All of it’s fucntionality is optional, but there is one breaking change: all config files now reside in the config/directory.

You can upgrade by simply moving your local configuration:

	mv catmandu.local.yml config/

Layers are explained in the perl documentation (more documentation is following):

	perldoc lib/LibreCat/Layers.pm

For those of you using the catmandu commandline tool, there are now layers aware versions of these commands:

bin/librecat config
bin/librecat convert
bin/librecat copy
bin/librecat delete
bin/librecat drop
bin/librecat export
bin/librecat import


Nicolas Steenlant
Ghent University Library

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nicolas.steenlant at ugent.be
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