[librecat-dev] fixes and tests

aina at openmailbox.org aina at openmailbox.org
Mon Sep 5 12:35:35 CEST 2016

Hello collective wisdom,

i would appreciate your pro feedback, on the following:

I would like with Catmandu fixes, create input records, that need to be 
modified, and output records, that have the results we want to achieve.

Say i want to make changes to 245$a, 600 tag, or any other example you 
can think of, to these input records. Using Test::More, how can i be 
assured, i have covered all possibilities that may encounter in an mrc 
record, and that the exact result i need is achieved, in tag 245a, 600, 
100$a,$b, etc...

Thank you for your help,


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