[librecat-dev] Writing values in fixed fields with marc_add

Schihin Oliver Oliver.Schihin at zhbluzern.ch
Thu Jun 29 15:26:33 CEST 2017


I need to write correct MARC records from some extended DC. The fix at hand is 'marc_add'. So I do i.E.
marc_add('245', ind1, '1', ind2, '0', a, $.title, b, $.subtitle, c, $.creator)

I hit walls when trying to do the same with fixed fields (LDR, 008). How would I insert a year at the right position in 008/7-11? Now I do:
marc_add('008', ' ', '170601s2017    sz            00    ger d')
The year value should be replaced with a value taken from $.date. The same question can apply to leaders, even though in my use case the whole collection has identical codes.

I had two ideas:

*         Do 'marc_set('008/7-11', $.date)' after the command above. This has no effect within the same fix-script, so I guess I should run a second fix on the MARC record already created and pluck the year from a MARC field. Could I for that reason apply two consecutive fixes in an exporter?

*         Apply some sort of magic concatenation in 'marc_add'. Wouldn't this be nice, or does it even exist already?

Thanks for any advice

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