[librecat-dev] Catmandu release 1.04

Nicolas Steenlant Nicolas.Steenlant at UGent.be
Thu Mar 23 14:39:34 CET 2017


a new version of Catmandu has just been released.

Changes in this version:

  - new error fix
  - new rename fix
  - new search_in_store fix
  - new import_from_string fix
  - new export_to_string fix
  - new valid fix condition ties Validator to fixes
  - new CQLSearchable role to distinguish CQL capable stores
  - new Iterable run method
  - relevant commands get new transaction, sort and sru-sortkeys options
  - remove deprecated data command
  - improved info command
  - inline use of fixes is now cached by default and much faster
  - solved memory leak in Fix::Base
  - the perl code generated by Fix is now a reusable standalone sub
  - more pod

New versions of the Solr, ElasticSearch and MongoDB stores using the new CQLSearchable role have also been released.


Nicolas Steenlant
software developer at University Library Ghent

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