[librecat-dev] LibreCat Nora has been released today

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be
Tue Nov 7 10:55:26 CET 2017

Hi all,

After months of work by the teams in Bielfeld University an Ghent University a new major release of the LibreCat institutional repository has been made available on GitHub:


The new ‘Nora’ version will have an updated database structure and new ElasticSearch indexing features. Installations that need
to upgrade their Felix installation to Nora do need to export and re-import the complete database. Instructions on this migration
are available at:


Below you’ll find an overview of the changes since last release:

	• adding seamless reindexing of the collections
	• adding marked list buttons on every result page
	• deleting Bielefeld specific code/language
	• fixing Word/RTF export
	• fixing admin search on users, projects, research_group by id
	• moving all interactive interface tests to Cypress
	• use font awesome in styles
	• move all backend data into one MySQL database
	• adding Catmandu::Store::File support for switching binary storage modules
	• renaming 'researcher' to 'user' in command line tools
	• GH #324: Editing of uploaded BibTex records gives internal error
	• GH #321: index.sh doesn't abort with wrong Elasticsearch version
	• GH #336: publication export "dc" has non serialized values like "ARRAY"
	• GH #328: Missing quick link to marked publications on publication overview page
	• GH #327: Hard-coded URL in scss/print.scss
	• GH #330: Marking/unmarking of publications fires 2 XHR requests
	• GH #219: RTF export is empty
	• GH #319: Manage projects search on project ID doesn't give any results
	• GH #322: index.sh create generates templates
	• GH #317: Upload file gives internal error
	• GH #302: Indexed in Pubmed 1
	• GH #124: Remove inline (CSS) styles
	• GH #201: Two person parameter in embed link
	• GH #278: SRU and OAI interface is not layer aware

There will be more updates following on the support of more recent versions of ElasticSearch and CentOS soon.


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