[librecat-dev] Sorting MARC records with Catmandu

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be
Thu Sep 14 08:58:58 CEST 2017


There are many ways to do this. Basically the algoritm is:

 * Extract the field you want to sort from MARC using marc_map
 * Store the data somewhere (in memory, in a Catmandu::Store, …)
 * Sort and export back to MARC

You can do this on the command line also with the TSV exporter and to_json,from_json command to transform MARC into a line-by-record serialisation and sort this one using the UNIX ‘sort’ command. E.g.

 catmandu convert MARC to TSV --header 0 --fix 'marc_map(245a,__sort); to_json(record)’  < camel.mrc \
            | sort \
            | catmandu convert TSV --fields '__sort,_id,record' to MARC --fix 'from_json(record)’



> On 13 Sep 2017, at 16:25, Uldis Bojars <captsolo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can Catmandu help with sorting a set of MARC records (by certain MARC fields / subfields)?
> Since records are normally processed sequentially and separately, it does not seem like a good fit. But perhaps you have some advice on how to do it.
> A quick-and-dirty non-Catmandu solution 'd be a custom script to load records into memory, to index / sort them by the required fields and to output them in this order.
> Thanks,
> Uldis
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