[librecat-dev] Catmandu::Fix removes paths from variables

Mayr-Duffner, Georg georg.mayr-duffner at wu.ac.at
Wed Jun 20 15:13:48 CEST 2018

Hi Johann and Patrick,

Thank you very much for your answers. This solution is indeed simple and logical. And it directly leads me to a follow up question:

While studying the documentation I nowhere found a hint on which strings in a fix file should be quoted, single quoted or double quoted an which not. First, I tested some variations which all worked fine (I didn't test variables back then) and then decided to misuse quoting to highlight certain values in the entries.

I think, it would be great if that was mentioned somewhere as the documentation shows different usage all over the place and also the mails you two wrote show differences in this regards.

Best regards


Am 20.06.18, 11:31 schrieb "Patrick Hochstenbach" <Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be>:

    Hi Georg


    There is most probably an error in your Fix script:






    is not a valid syntax. The double colon “:” has a special meaning in the Fix syntax. When you want to use it in a string value you need to use single/double quotes around your string:




    or, when this path is in a variable write something as:







    > On 20 Jun 2018, at 11:11, Mayr-Duffner, Georg <georg.mayr-duffner at wu.ac.at> wrote:


    > W:\Users\gduffner\Docs\Documents\Alma\UBL\data\iso3166H2marc.csv



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