[librecat-dev] counting only internal publications in index view

Jonathan NORRIS jnorris at ist.ac.at
Wed May 2 16:09:26 CEST 2018


I'm trying to only display the count of the internal publications in the 
index view for 'publications', 'data publications' and 'open access 

If edited the Helper.pm file in a layer. I've added "extern=1" to the 
cql queries in the 'get_statistics' function. This is where I believe 
the numbers are gotten from.

my($self) = @_;
my$hits= LibreCat->searcher->search('publication',
{cql =>["status=public", "type<>research_data", "extern=0"]});
my$reshits= LibreCat->searcher->search('publication',
{cql =>["status=public", "type=research_data", "extern=0"]});
my$oahits= LibreCat->searcher->search('publication',
{cql =>["status=public", "fulltext=1", "type<>research_data", "extern=0"]});
publications =>$hits->{total},
researchdata =>$reshits->{total},
oahits =>$oahits->{total},
projects =>$self->project->count(),

I've restarted the application and still only the total number of 
publications are displayed. Is there a step I am missing here?



IST Austria

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