[librecat-dev] LibreCat 1.2.4 has been released

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be
Thu Feb 7 10:13:51 CET 2019

This morning we released LibreCat Institutional Repository version 1.2.4:


We thank all submitters for their contributions:

* Vitali Peil
* Petra Kohorst
* Nicolas Franck
* Matthias Feldotto
* Patrick Hochstenbach


    - Fixing CrossRef importer network issues
    - Moving Dancer environment options to config.yml
    - Fixing access errors for delegats #675
    - Fixing routing issues #676
    - Adding MySQL 8 support
    - Fixing the librecat publication files command #678
    - Adding checsum tests and support for checsums in Simple stores
    - Fixing BibTex exports #664
    - Adding crontab hints how to expire request a copy requests
    - Expanding librecat reqcopy command with list/get/delete/expire functions
    - Fixing OCRID id not deleted when unlining author bug
    - Fixing correct display of OCRID on person list
    - Adding missing relation "cites"
    - Fixed undef password error when creating a new account
    - Fixing 'mark all' in person profile page #655
    - Fixing number of OA publication counter on homepage
    - Fixing applicant field error in patent forms #648

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