[librecat-dev] collaborate with Catmandu ?

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be
Mon Jan 14 13:38:22 CET 2019


Are you planning to be in Berlin in May by any chance? We have most of the Catmandu folks there at the ELAG conference. It would be good to have a chat on your project.

> On 8 Jan 2019, at 15:26, Marc Chantreux <mc at unistra.fr> wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> (happy new year to everyone if i didn't already whished it)
>> Thanks Marc for this,
> you're very welcome: you made an amazing job with catmandu and finally
> had no opportunity to work with you guys.
>> I’ve created for myself a reminder to look at your code.
> Please feel very welcome to ask any question: it's probably easier for
> me to dig into my memory than for you to read undocumented and
> uncommented code.
>> I still hope you will find somewhere your way back into
>> library stuff a bit ;)
> i really appreciate. thanks but no thanks: this is really
> improbable as i love my current job here at Renater (FLOSS evangelist
> and developer) and there isn't even an opportunity to work on library
> related topics.
> however, it doesn't mean we can't collaborate:
> * catmandu is a multipurpose ETL and can be used to manipulate any
>  business object... probably including emails.
> * in the sympa project (http://www.sympa.org), we have a system (called
>  "scenario") that provides a DSL to drive the dispatch of incoming emails.
>  my current work is a complete refactor of it to become
>    * extendable (as every keyword is bound to a function)
>    * composable (a scenario can contain other scenarii)
>    * easy to compose (everything will be stored as a IR (lisp alike)
>      format for a VM. as it's just data, scenarii can be build via
>      a web interface).
> * maybe it could rely Catmandu components.
> using our new DSL, we could implement the missing keyworkds
> * importer to declare a source
> * exporter to declare a destination
> * fix to declare a fix
> * from to open a stream of items from a source
> * to to record the items of the current stream in an exporter
> * iso-2709 to stream the content of some raw files to an importer
> * a specification to CRUD the records. like
>    -999 to delete to remove all the 999 fields
>    999$a to get the value of the 999$a subfield
> we could write things like:
>    (importer 'old-libraries
>        (iso-2709 ('
>            faculty-medecine.raw
>            faculty-math.raw
>            faculty-physic.raw))
>    (exporter 'transfered
>        (iso-2709 'to-be-transfered.utf8.raw ))
>    (exporter 'removed
>        (iso-2709 'new-library.utf8.raw ))
>    (fix 'to-utf8 (encoding-> marc8 utf8))
>    (fix 'dispatch-in-files
>        (if (~ .999$a /damaged|rejected/ )
>            (do (-999)
>                (to 'removed))
>            (to 'transfered)))
>    (from 'old-libraries
>        (do (fix 'to-utf8 (encoding-> marc8 utf8))
>            (fix 'dispatch-in-files))
> the very begining of the code is here:
>    https://framagit.org/eiro/work_on_sympa/tree/master/poc/DataVM/lib
> Also, we work on a boilerplate for our perl coding style:
>    https://metacpan.org/pod/Sympatic
> If you see any way to share ideas, code, work between the two projects,
> let us run a hackathon! ;) (or at least have a video conference about it).
> regards,
> marc

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