[librecat-dev] statictic subfield report

Kiraly, Peter peter.kiraly at gwdg.de
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Dear Christoph and Librecat developers,

It is not Librecat, and from Johann's answer it comes, that it could be solved withing Librecat and command line usage. I would like to mention an alternative solution which I am working in these months (I hope you won't take it as trolling). It analyses - among others - the classifications and authority control of a library catalog.


Here is a screenshot from its user interface:<https://github.com/pkiraly/metadata-qa-marc/blob/master/README.md#helper-scripts>




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Hi Johann,

Am 12.11.19 um 09:55 schrieb Rolschewski, Johann:
> Hi Christoph,
>> before I start to code by myself: Is the a way to create a statistic of the use of
>> specific assignment of MARC subfields in Catmandu?
>> For example, I want to now
>> the count of value "ddc" in subfield $2 in category 084 or how much category
>> 600, subfield 49, do not have the value "N"
> you can generate (sub)field-level statistics with:
> $ marcstats.pl data.mrc
> # or
> $ catmandu convert MARC to Breaker --handler marc < data.mrc > data.mrc.breaker
> $ catmandu breaker data.mrc.breaker
> # or
> $ catmandu breaker --as XLSX data.mrc.breaker > data.xlsx
> I'm not aware of any generic solution for generating statistics for specific (sub)field values. I would create a fix for these (sub)fields and then use something like
> $ cut | sort | uniq -c

I will write a fix for that task, thank you!

> for calculating the numbers.
> Best
> Johann

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ch. Krempe


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