[librecat-dev] question regarding Fix language

Jonathan NORRIS jnorris at ist.ac.at
Mon Oct 21 13:21:42 CEST 2019


I could not find the answer in the fix documentation so maybe some of 
you can help me. I am editing the 'to_dc.fix' to add the embargo end 
date field. Considering that the embargo end date is in the 'file' 
section of the publication and there can be multiple files, I just need 
to get the 'embargo' value from any of the files that contain an 
'embargo' field. Does anyone know if you can search for a field and 
return the first value you find for that field? For example:

     - access_level: open
       file_id: 1
     - access_level: closed
       file_id: 2
       embargo: 2020-01-01
     - access_level: closed
       file_id: 3
       embargo: 2020-01-01

I just want to return the value of the first possible embargo field.

Thanks for any help!
IST Austria

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