[librecat-dev] adding project funders to publication.project

Peil, Vitali vitali.peil at uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Jan 16 08:32:25 CET 2020

Hi Jonathan,

that is done in fixes/index_publication.fix on the dev branch! (see https://github.com/LibreCat/LibreCat/blob/dev/fixes/index_publication.fix). This should be available soon on the master branch.

Fields added in this file will be in the elasticsearch index only. In your case it is basically a lookup function.


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Betreff: [librecat-dev] adding project funders to publication.project


I need to add the project's funders field to the publication's project
field when a publication is saved. I can see that the grant number is
added but I cannot see where this is added. I would greatly appreciate
if someone could point me to where this is done.

IST Austria
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