[librecat-dev] marc to dublin core

Rolschewski, Johann Johann.Rolschewski at sbb.spk-berlin.de
Thu Aug 19 12:06:23 CEST 2021


> could someone provide me with an example of transforming an mrc file to
> dublin core xml?
> Using catmandu commands of course
you could use a fix like this 


and export to RDF-XML

$ catmandu convert MARC to RDF --type xml --fix marc2dc.fix < loc.mrc

Or use the LoC XSL file <https://www.loc.gov/standards/marcxml/xslt/MARC21slim2OAIDC.xsl> to transform it without Catmandu:

$ xsltproc MARC21slim2OAIDC.xsl loc.mrc.xml

See <https://jorol.github.io/processing-marc/#/transformation?id=-with-xlst>.



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