[librecat-dev] LibreCat release v2.0.4

Nicolas Franck Nicolas.Franck at UGent.be
Thu Jun 10 10:08:57 CEST 2021

Today we released version v2.0.4 of LibreCat:


Many thanks to the developers who were involved in this release:

* Vitali Peil
* Petra Kohorst
* Nicolas Franck


    - new: use elasticsearch query type "simple_query_string" to parse query parameter "q"
    - new: use query parameter "cql" for filtering only, no longer adding to the document score
    - bugfix: add missing variables for edit form in case of non-bulk imports.
    - new: display project acronyms in autocomplete if available
    - bugfix: fix radiobuttons unchecking when sorting author fields with drag and drop
    - bugfix: add parameter similar_search to helper.yml for helper extract_params
    - bugfix: change value of hidden input field 'status' to private when editing a publication record with status "new"
    - bugfix: make sure that roles "Delegate" and "Data Manager" no longer get mixed up
    - bugfix: make sure that only the current selected role is checked for permissions, not all roles in user account.
    - new: comment out demo permissions app
    - bugfix: query parameter "return_url" must be full url
    - bugfix: query parameter "return_url" should start with request.uri_base, to prevent links to (possible bad) external sites
    - bugfix: always return from route after "redirect"
    - bugfix: fix arxiv import
    - bugfix: when a publication record is cloned, the field "urn" must be deleted, status set to new, and creator set to the current user
    - new: add helper method "current_user" (h->current_user), that holds the full user record in memory
    - new: "current_user" is reloaded at the start of every request to reflect changes
    - security fix: search routes below /librecat should check if user has rights to access it.
    - internal fix: LibreCat::App::Catalogue::Controller::Permission::Permissions now loads publications from the index into the cache,
      to reflect additional attributes, only present in the index.
    - internal fix: LibreCat::App::Catalogue::Controller::Permission::Permissions clears cache after every request
    - bugfix: hidden and unused "div" covered tab titles in /librecat
    - new: update BibTex, SRU and OAI in cpanfile
    - new: use docker file from Bielefeld's gitlab for travis, instead of the global one, to prevent hitting rate limits
    - bugfix: use TT filter "html" when inserting variables into html attributes
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