[librecat-dev] Happy New Year

Rolschewski, Johann Johann.Rolschewski at sbb.spk-berlin.de
Fri Jan 13 10:51:01 CET 2023

Hey all,

happy New Year!

> Best wishes for all of you in 2023. I see we have this year our 10 year
> anniversary of publishing open source code for libraries together. 

I've joined my first Catmandu workshop in 2012 and I really enjoy to work with you all on this project. 

> Doing all our
> ELAG and SWIB meeting we managed to publish 131 repositories at
> https://github.com/LibreCat. There are few library projects that can repeat
> that feat. 

The core module has 161 stars on Github and 21 ++ on Metacpan, which is really great for a project in the LibIT domain!

> I hope we will meet each other soon again in live conferences. I've
> very much enjoyed SWIB and ELAG the last 2 years, but it is still much better
> with a discussion and a beer and some unhealthy food.

I'm also looking forward to see you all in person on the next live conference. If there's any interest I could try to organize another Catmandu workshop in Berlin.

> Here is a proposal for a smaller website:
> https://github.com/LibreCat/librecat.github.io/tree/pr/smaller


> TODO: could some of you check if this new website is okay for you?

One question: the documentation should link to the Github wiki?

> What are your thoughts about this:
> *	Do you use the command line interface?

Yes, we also have internal workshops regularly to train our librarians to use it to preprocess data for cataloguing.

> *	Do you use the Catmandu.pm Perl libraries inside your code? Do you
> write Perl code that requires Catmandu?

Yes, but these are mainly small modules/scripts to load data to MongoDB and query it to generate statistics/reports as XLSX files. These could be replaced quite easily.

> *	What are the main Catmandu extension modules you use
> (Catmandu::MARC, Catmandu::DBI, Catmandu::RDF, ...)

+ Catmandu::Breaker
+ Catmandu::Identifier
+ Catmandu::MARC
+ Catmandu::OAI
+ Catmandu::PICA
+ Catmandu::RDF
+ Catmandu::SRU
+ Catmandu::Stat
+ Catmandu::Template
+ Catmandu::Validator
+ Catmandu::XLS
+ Catmandu::XSD
+ Catmandu::Z3950

> *	Do you use Catmandu to store or query data in databases or search
> engines?

I use MongoDB a lot, but use MongoDB::MongoClient for that. As the MongoDB module is EOL I will move to Postgres or SQLite.

I'm in favour to deprecate the Catmandu::Store::* modules. They just offer some basic API functions and I often have to write my own connectors for functions I need. Some stores like MongoDB provide their own command-line interfaces to load, export and query data.




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