[librecat-dev] example fixes

aina at openmailbox.org aina at openmailbox.org
Sat Mar 26 11:14:15 CET 2016

Dear Catmanduers,

i would appreciate if you could give me an example fix that you would 
for the following use cases:

1)if we have an a.mrc, with a tag say 200, which in it it has a subfield 
where we store the id of a certain target record, that is related to the 
source record.

We need to print a message if that target record doesnot exist(for 
example a record has tag 200, the subfield $x1894, and there is no 
record with id 1894 in this same mrc file).

2 ) between two mrc files
for many tags, say for example 4xx:
$3:  in a $3 we store ids that lead to a target authority record of an
authority mrc file, say b.mrc.  if it leads to a non existing record, we
should print the "orphan" id. If it exists, we need to check that the
target authority record has in the Record Label, position 6, the value
x. if not, this should also be spotted and reported.

Best seasons wishes to you all

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