[librecat-dev] Fwd: Re: Dancer::Plugin

Vitali Peil vitali.peil at uni-bielefeld.de
Wed May 25 15:03:48 CEST 2016

Hi Johann,

well, I think the plugins are ok. They are both used within
https://github.com/LibreCat/LibreCat and in production at Bielefeld.

But I must confess that I couldn't get my own advent calendar example
working... Maybe the advent text needs an update? Problems with version
of Elasticsearch or Catmandu? I have to check out...


On 25/05/16 13:42, Rolschewski, Johann wrote:
> Hi all,
> what's the state of Dancer::Plugin::Catmandu::SRU and Dancer::Plugin::Catmandu::OAI? I've tried to used them, but couldn't get them running. I followed the OAI examples from our advent calendar and the ELAG Workshop 2015. Has anyone a working example (.yaml, .fix, .tt, .pl, data)?
> Thanks,
> Johann
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