[librecat-dev] fixes and repeatable fields subfields

Aki Leare aki.leare at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 00:49:18 CEST 2016


i have a list of valuew, all in a csv, and i would like to know, the
001 they exist in, the taf occurrence in a record, and finally the
subfield occurrence in this record.

001  34432
245  ##$a value $b meta $b spot
600  ##$a bla $c bla
600  ##$a something $b word

and i was looking for spot and word,

i would get as a result 001:34432, and somehow that spot was found in
the first instance of 245 found in the record, and in the second
occurrence of $b in this field

Accordingly, for the word, that it exists in 001 34432, in the second
occurrence of tag 600, and in the first occurrence of subfield b, in
this case, and so on, in a meaningful report.

Either i am missing something, or this is not doable with a proper fix?

Thank you very much, and sorry for a long message

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