[librecat-dev] fixes and tests

aina at openmailbox.org aina at openmailbox.org
Mon Sep 5 13:30:33 CEST 2016

Hello again,

i think the example of the use of combination of fixes and tests, would 
be enough if an example of a search and replace fix would be used:

if marc_match('100a','AWrongSpelledName')

I think an output similar to this, would be a good result.

Did the following changes to the mrc file

001: 12345, tag 100$a AWrongSpelledName, changed to CorrectlySpelledName
001: 76767, tag 100$a AWrongSpelledName, changed to CorrectlySpelledName

did not find in the final mrc a 100$a that has AWrongSpelledName. after 
having made 1023 changes of AWrongSpelledName to CorrectlySpelledName.
Test one passed.

same for 245$a,


I have made some attempts, but would appreciate on your approach on 
this, how i could be achieved in the most efficient way.

Thank you

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