[librecat-dev] MARC to MARC converter?

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be
Fri Sep 30 13:28:06 CEST 2016

Hi Jason

Catmandu::MARC has MARC to MARC conversion:

$ catmandu convert MARC to MARC < t/camel.mrc

Gives ISO marc as input and output. In between you can do fixes.

If there is a bug you can report it at




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Though I don't see any documentation on this, I've successfully and extensively used Catmandu as a JSON to JSON converter in order to post-process JSON objects. Looking at the respective MARC modules, it seems that Catmandu would also handle MARC to MARC conversion. Is this not the case? I've tried a few different approaches and only get an empty record in the output stream.

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