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Jonathan NORRIS jnorris at ist.ac.at
Wed Dec 13 10:28:33 CET 2017


At our institute we are considering librecat as an option for our 
data/publication repository and publication database. It is my 
understanding that 'PUB' is both a repository (publications and data) 
and publications database. Currently we have a combination of 
applications providing this functionality, an Eprints application as a 
publications repository, another Eprints application as a data 
repository and a Bibapp application as a publications database. We are 
searching for something that can consolidate this suite into one 

I am quite new to library technologies and have some questions about 
librecat that I hope someone can help me with. From the documentation I 
can see that it is quite customizable but I would like some opinion on 
how possible you think it would be to modify librecat to achieve the 
following features.

_user groups_

At our institute we organize our students into groups under a post doc. 
Our publication database must be able to reflect this by having group 
organization. A user must be added to a group and publications must be 
organizable and viewable by group and by individual.

_imports from external databases_

We must be able to import the previous publications of people at the 
institute from external publication databases, such as Scopus, CrossRef, 

_large data files_

How is librecat at handling large files? lets say a 5gb research data file?

Some words on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Norris

IST Austria


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