[librecat-dev] Catmandu::Fix removes paths from variables

Rolschewski, Johann Johann.Rolschewski at sbb.spk-berlin.de
Mon Jun 18 10:54:35 CEST 2018

Hi Georg,

> we are storing some csv files that we need in different contexts in a specific data folder and to access them from a fix file we define variables like this:
> my $fixer = Catmandu::Fix->new(
>     variables => { MARC2ISO => 'path/to/marc2iso.csv',
>                  },
>     fixes => [$fixfile],
> );
> In the fixfile, the csv file is called like this:
> lookup("country", {{MARC2ISO}}, sep_char:'|')
> However, we constantly get errors because catmandu can't find the file. It seems that the path is thrown away.

I can't reproduce your error. Could you please add a 'add_field(PATHVAR,{{MARC2ISO}})' to your fix file and check the value after transformation?
Are you using absolute or relative paths for your dictionaries?



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