[librecat-dev] catmandu for simple usecases

Marc Chantreux mc at unistra.fr
Wed Mar 28 11:35:41 CEST 2018

hello people,

i'm out for library IT for a while now and i don't know how relevant
this mail is ... please let me know if i say something stupid.

i write loads of papers and memos nowadays (using vim, pandoc, m4 and
make and latex to create pdf documents) and i need to add biblios to
them. i would like to complete my toolkit with some tools i describe
below and i would like to know if you think catmandu is the good
tool for it (maybe maximum overkill... just let me know).


description of the tools i need

* query a remote library with CC licenced records. queries
  are simple:

  * search a book by matching in title
  * search a book by matching in author
  * search related/suggested books for a book ID
  * search FR translations for a book ID

* store some some of them into a tiny local storage (a yaml file should be
* use those storages to maintain bibliographies

ideal usecase of an higher level wrapper usable from the CLI should be

    $ book search \
        author like Hafner \
        title  like Wizard

      id: 23424
      title: Where Wizards Stay Up Late
      subtitle: The Origins Of The Internet
      author: Katie Hafner and Matthiew Lyon
      ISBN: 0-684-87216-1
      seealso: 8768
      copy-url: https://monoskop.org/images/e/ee/Hafner_Katie_Lyon_Matthew_Where_Wizards_Stay_Up_Late_The_Origins_Of_The_Internet.pdf

    $ book search id is 8768

      id: 8768
      title: 50 Years of Army Computing: From ENIAC to MSRC
      author: Army Research Laboratory
      ISBN: 097023161X
      copy-url: http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a431730.pdf

    $ book append computer-history 23424 8768

        ~/.books/computer-history.yaml updated

    $ book bibliography from computer-history to bibtex > paper.bibtex

On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 09:33:54AM +0200, Spiros Antonio wrote:
> Hello,
> i need to use a catmandu fix in my code, in order to be able to get the
> headings tag
> out of a given authorities file.
> In our case, the headings tag in each authority record is a 2.. (2xx) tag
> Only one 2xx tag exists in each authority record.
> I know how i could get the 2xx value, but in this case i need to know the
> tag value,
> thank you

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