[librecat-dev] LibreCat version 1.2.0

Patrick Hochstenbach Patrick.Hochstenbach at UGent.be
Tue May 22 16:45:40 CEST 2018

Version 1.2.0 of the LibreCat repository software has been released:


Thanks to all contributors for the new code and patches:

    - Vitali Peil
    - Matthias Feldotto
    - Nicolas Steenlant
    - Patrick Hochstenbach

Please find below a list of the main changes:

    - Introduce oa (open access) flag which is calculated at indexing time
    - Fixing related material links
    - Adding id-handles to search forms to help jQuery processing in layers
    - Rewrite of all code handling record storage and indexation
    - Fix export of private records
    - Show citethis link in mobile only if csl enabled
    - Remove query parameters from marked link
    - Deliver empty record instead of 404 in exports
    - Fixing: Correct link rendering for closed and local access files #468
    - Open download links in new tab (in embedded view) #469
    - Fixing datacite exports
    - Removed the 'data' route and tab
    - Fixing publication author with middle name not matching #457
    - Add backwards compatibility to new LibreCat.pm code
    - Deleted publications can be edited anymore in via the web forms
    - Fixing related materials link
    - Fixing admin users could delete read-only fields
    - Fixing link supervisor to supervised theses on frontdoor #463
    - Fixing extract citation box in separate template

A major cleanup of the data handling code was done in this version thanks to the work of Nicolas Steenlant and Vitali Peil.
This version contains much cleaner models to store and index records. If you have written Perl extensions to version 1.1.3 or
earlier, please be aware that methods to acces the metadata assets via the Helper class have been deprecatd. The preferred way to
access publication, user, project, research_group and department information in Perl code is which the construct below:

   use LibreCat qw(publication);

   my $rec = publication->get(‘12345’);


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