[librecat-dev] fix files in a layer

Jonathan NORRIS jnorris at ist.ac.at
Wed Sep 26 16:37:15 CEST 2018


I'm having an issue where my fix file is not being found when I try to 
make an export. The structure of the layer is:

- layer-root:
     - fixes:
         - to_doi_only_yaml.fix

When I call the export I get this error on the frontend: error"Export 
doi_only_yaml is not available for this collection"

And this error in app.log:

LibreCat.App.Search.Route.export[54] : exporting YAML: Error open 
(<:unix) on 'fixes/to_doi_only_yaml.fix': No such file or directory at 
/var/storage/librecat/local/lib/perl5/Catmandu/Fix.pm line 91.

Any ideas?

IST Austria
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