[librecat-dev] issue installing 'Catmandu::Validator::JSONSchema' due to dependency clash

Jonathan NORRIS jnorris at ist.ac.at
Thu Mar 12 13:48:28 CET 2020


I am upgrading to LibreCat2 and have an issue installing 

This issue is that it requires JSON::Validator 3.15 but there is an 
entry in the cpanfile that installs JSON::Validator 3.14:

     # Fixing broken JSON::Validator error handling
     requires 'JSON::Validator','<=3.14';

Then when carton installing I get:

     FAIL Installing the dependencies failed: Installed version (3.14) 
of JSON::Validator is not in range '3.15'
     FAIL Bailing out the installation for 

Does anyone one have any advice for getting around this? Is this 3.14 
entry in the cpanfile still required?


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