[librecat-dev] adding authors in publication import who do not exist in librecat users

Jonathan NORRIS jnorris at ist.ac.at
Wed Mar 7 14:52:59 CET 2018


It seems that when publications are imported via the librecat command 
line tool (librecat publication add /path/to/publications.yml), only 
authors who exist in the librecat users database appear in the authors 
field after the import.

Is this the expected behavior? We have publications of users from times 
before they where part of our institution, which may mean that some of 
the authors/editors/etc may not be in our database.

Here is what the author list may look like of a publication import with 
a mix of internal authors and external (for external authors I just add 
the full name):

- {full_name: 'Kim, Soo Y'}
- {full_name: 'Xu, Zheng-Yi'}
- {full_name: 'Song, Kyungyoung'}
- {full_name: 'Kim, Dae H'}
- {full_name: 'Kang, Hyangju'}
- {full_name: 'Reichardt, Ilka'}
- {full_name: 'Sohn, Eun J'}
- {first_name: Jirí, full_name: Jirí Friml, id: 
A0FAA4DA-1266-11E8-9236-8266539212D2, last_name: Friml, orcid: ''}

When creating a new publication it is possible to have external authors, 
but should it be that the import allows external authors too?

Also, I've noticed that the publication ids do not reset between purges 
and imports. For example, I import 100 publications, ids are 1 - 100, I 
remove the publications by running:

     librecat delete main --bag publication

     librecat delete search --bag publication

     librecat delete main --bag publication_version

     librecat delete search --bag publication_version

Then I re-import the same 100 publications, ids are 101 - 200. Is there 
a way to remove all publications and reset the id numbers?


Jonathan Norris

IST Austria

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